Shoot us an email if you have any questions. In the meantime, take a gander below.

Our goal is to keep this free for founders. 

Compared to the $3k – $10k annual dues of other entrepreneur organizations…we think FounderGroups is a pretty good deal.

We welcome all founders and co-founders. Whether you are just starting out or have hundreds of million in revenue. We’ll help match you to the right group of peers. Our only requirement is that you must have a real business.

Other entrepreneur organizations out there require over $1M in revenue as a qualification for membership. We feel this is a restrictive barrier, so our goal is to be a resource for founders at all stages.

We think diversity breeds success. If you can’t find a group that resounds with your needs, we invite you to create one! Perhaps you’ll find other founders looking for the same type of tribe you’re searching for. 

Yes! We’re always looking for volunteer Founder Ambassadors at participating cities to help activate and facilitate FounderGroups in your city. It’s a rewarding opportunity to help take an active role in your local, and national, founder community. Please contact us for more info about becoming a FounderGroup Ambassador.

Feel free to create your own FounderGroup and invite your peers to join. We still ask all members of your group to join our larger FounderGroup network by filling out our application and becoming an official member. 

Don’t worry, we see this happen all the time. You build a strong group and others will want to join. We highly encourage when your group get’s above 6 members, it’s time to break off into 2 separate groups by creating another group. If more people want to join your group and you have no vacancies, just set your groups as “closed”.



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