About Us

Our Motto

Connect Founders to Other Amazing Founders

About Us

Founders are on a unique journey.
It’s a long road, full of twists and turns.
And we believe you shouldn’t go it alone.
Often, the only people who can truly understand this path are other founders.
We exist to help you find your tribe of peers so you can journey together.
Our mission is to connect you to other amazing founders.

Who We Are

We won’t bore you with our headshots and our professional bios.

FounderGroups is a community of other founders like you.
As a member of this founders-only community,
you will have the opportunity to participate, lead, and support
other founders in their entrepreneurial journey.

So instead of our bios, these are the types of members you will meet in this community:

Tristan Taylor

Founder Member

Your FounderGroup will be comprised of 2 to 8 other founder members in your city. This is your tribe of peers…your local founders accountability group. 

Cathy Christensen

City Chapter Leader

Chapter Volunteers are the community catalysts in your city. Their role is to build the local founder community in your city thru events & resources.

Patrick Patterson

FounderGroups Staff

The FounderGroups team is constantly working behind the scenes to keep the org running and give founder members a great community experience.

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